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The department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, FLoV, was created 1 January 2009 and consists of the subjects linguistics, practical andtheoretical philosophy, logic and the
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The department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, FLoV, was created 1 January 2009 and consists of the subjects linguistics, practical andtheoretical philosophy, logic and the philosophy of science. The University of Gothenburg received a 10 year grant from the Swedish Research Council for recruiting Professor Paul Russell from University of British Columbia in Vancouver and developing the The Moral Responsibility Research Initiative (MRRI). This funding will be used to employ and support postdocs, PhD students, and distinguished visiting researchers, as well as funding ongoing research activities (conferences, workshops, etc.). Our aim is to establish the MRRI at Gothenburg as a leading center for research in this field. Research seminars will be led by Paul Russell and Gunnar Björnsson. For further details on the Gothenburg Moral Responsibility Research Initiative see here.Subject areaPractical PhilosophySpecific subject descriptionMRRI conducts research on. . .

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