IAI: Videos on Wittgenstein, Time, and the Mind

Three new videos by IAI feature topics on Wittgenstein on nonsense, a debate the nature of time, and Ted Honderich discussing the nature of mind

LOGO_iai-black_40x373222Our friends at the Institute of Arts and Ideas has published new solo talks and debates on various topics that should be of great interest to philosophers. These topics cover Wittgenstein nonsense, a debate in the nature of time, and Ted Honderich on the nature of mind.


  Ted Honderich reveals how our consciousness isn’t limited to the inside of our heads. “A courageous swim against the current” Times
  Time appears to be the ultimate form of progress: an unavoidable direction imposed on the universe. Some physicists claim this is an illusion. How should we make sense of time? As a dimension, a flow, a place, a process, a social construct, or something altogether more mysterious?
  Inspired by Wittengstein's insights on the philosophy of language, Jonathan Rée asks whether any nonsense really is just nonsense, or an attempt to say something that might be impossible.
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