IAI Debate: Escaping the Moral Maze

How should we think about moral principles? Are they still relevant and necessary or is society hiding behind them to foster prejudice and inequality? This IAI debate explores these questions.

LOGO_iai-black_40x3732[2]Philosophers have been debating the topic of morality throughout recorded history. It's one of those perennial topics for which philosophy is criticized for its inability to find hard and fast solutions. Its complexity is both compelling and frustrating partly because ethics and moral order seems so foundational to what it means to be human. The Institute of Arts and Ideas have hosted a debate that adds to the corpus of material on the subject that's sure to make you think. From their website: "Despite the decline in religion, most of us remain attached to morality. Yet as the Moral Maze attests and suicide bombers confirm, there are an unlimited number of contradictory 'moral' outlooks. Should we recognise morality as a figleaf for prejudice? Or is this to give up on a capacity that makes us human?"

The Panel: Rose, Harvard philosopher Thomas Pogge and Big Issue founder John Bird to contemplate the limits of morality. In association with the Big Issue.

Check out the video below and visit their website to join the conversation!

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