Pronouncements of the Scumbag Analytic Philosopher

All the collected sayings and properties of the Scumbag Anaytic Philosopher. Is there a saying or property missing? Create your own!

You know him well and wish you could capture his philosophy to share with the world. Now it's possible! The Scumbag Analytic Philosopher collects the most relevant sayings of this ignoble philosopher and lets you create your own. Warning: fun and addictive. Here are some examples.

49346864[1]  Scumbag Analytic Philosopher - Talks about importance of dialogue doesn't listen to anyone Scumbag Analytic Philosopher - MORALLY OUTRAGED IN ETHICS SEMINAR MORAL NIHILIST IN METAETHICS SEMINAR Scumbag Analytic Philosopher - explains everything in terms of possible worlds couldn't tell you who leibniz is


Create your own!


Full collection here. Thanks to Andrew Smith for the pointer.

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