Is a College Degree Worth the Money?

College costs are growing and the job market doesn't seem to be ready for the investment many are making. Will your college degree pay off? The Wall Street Journal considers this question.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on a new study which looks at the monetary cost/benefit of a college education. The results are not good. The journal writes, "A study I conducted with my colleague Jonathan Robe, the 2013 Center for College Affordability and Productivity report, found explosive growth in the number of college graduates taking relatively unskilled jobs. We now have more college graduates working in retail than soldiers in the U.S. Army, and more janitors with bachelor's degrees than chemists." Of course there is significant value one could derive from a college education (particularly from a philosophy degree) that should not be thought of in terms of monetization. But the “jobs question” is still significant and an important consideration considering what one might pay to get educated.

This relates directly to the results of our popular Placement Reports which seem to indicate that landing a good job after getting a degree in philosophy is difficult. What is your experience?

Thanks to Stan Dokupil for the pointer.

The WSJ article is here: “How the College Bubble Will Pop”.

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