God’s Bulldog: Francis Beckwith and the Synthese Affair

More academic infighting. And the Intelligent Design movement is at the center . . . again.
More academic infighting. And the Intelligent Design movement is at the center . . . again. [More]

Research Fellow, AHRC ‘Science and Religious Conflict’ project

Applications are invited for the post of Research Fellow within the AHRC project on Science and Religious Conflict, which is jointly hosted by the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and the Institute for Science and Ethics, which are both part of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford Universit... [More]

Martin Rees Awarded Templeton Prize

Rees, Master of Trinity College, one of Cambridge University’s top academic posts, and former president of the Royal Society, the highest leadership position within British science, has spent decades investigating the implications of the big bang, the nature of black holes, events during the so-call... [More]

Workshop Announcement and Call for Papers: CMNA 2011

The 2011 CMNA workshops will be held concurrently with the 25th AAAI Conference in San Francisco, CA,  August 7-11. Description The series of CMNA workshops, since its inception in 2001, has been acting to nurture and provide succor to the ever growing community working in “Argument and Compu... [More]

Announcement: Graduate Epistemology Conference

The Philosophy Departments of Northwestern and Notre Dame are proud to announce the program for the second annual Notre Dame-Northwestern Graduate Epistemology Conference, taking place on the campus of Notre Dame on Friday and Saturday April 14-15.  The Keynote speaker is Ernie Sosa, Board of G... [More]

The Character Project

The Character Project at Wake Forest University is very excited to launch its funding competition entitled “New Frontiers in the Philosophy of Character.” This $300,000 RFP is aimed at work in philosophy on the topic of character, and proposals can request between $40,000 and $100,000 for projects n... [More]

The Sixth Cologne Summer School in Philosophy

“Relying on Others: New Perspectives in Social Epistemology” The sessional will take place in Cologne, September 7-10, 2011. The special guest this year will be Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern University). The main focus is the intersection of epistemology, philosophy of mind and philosophy of langu... [More]

Conference: Future of Creation Order

Christian Philosophy International Conference, 16 - 19 August 2011, VU University Amsterdam People of all times have experienced the world of nature as expressing an overwhelming beauty, coherence and order. In the great monotheistic traditions this beauty, coherence and order have been related to ... [More]

New Book by Alvin Plantinga on Science and Religion

Plantinga takes on the New Atheism in his upcoming book, Where the Conflict Really Lies. Stay tuned for more information. A friend recently made me aware of this book in which one of the worlds foremost Christian philosophers will seek to address many of the arguments being proffered by New Atheist... [More]

CFP: Formal Epistemology Meets Experimental Philosophy

First Pittsburgh -Tilburg workshop on  Formal Epistemology Meets Experimental Philosophy Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science 29-30 September 2011 http://www.uvt.nl/tilps/FEMEP2011/ ***************************************************************... [More]