What Do American Funk, Cornel West, and the Environment Have in Common?

Socrates apparently. Oh and George Clinton. Well George Clinton has a “connection” to Socrates and Cornel West studies Socrates and both are environmental activists. Something like that. But no matter. West and Clinton honored a new New Jersey charter school called the “Barack Obama Green Charter Sc... [More]

New Review on Recent Book on Searle’s Philosophy

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews has posted a review of Joshua Rust’s biography of John Searle. The book is published as a part of Continuum’s Contemporary American Thinkers series. “Rust gives his readers a grand overview of Searle's many philosophic activities. In doing so¸ he protects those w... [More]

Scientists Create Synthetic Bacterium

The organism is controlled by entirely synthetic DNA developed in the lab. The research will most likely have negative ethical implications (real or imagined) but also significant potential for good. ‘This is literally a turning point in the relationship between man and nature,’ said molecular b... [More]

Tom Morris on the Popularity of Philosophy

Morris, in an article for the Huffington Post, picks up on the new New York Times blog on philosophy and spends some time defining the discipline and explaining why everyone one should be doing it. It seems philosophy is striking some chords with the wider population. "Journalists have called me ... [More]

Words Matter

Noam Chomsky, that innovative linguistic, is not known for mincing words. Now it seems language—his raison d'etre—is keeping him out of the West Bank. Chomsky was set to give a lecture at Birzeit University when he was stopped at the Jordan border. According to the professor, “the government did not... [More]

Philosophy Goes Mainstream

Philosophy has long been out of vogue. Mainly relegated either to ivory towers or to mainstream books with titles like [Your Favorite Cultural Icon] and Philosophy, it’s now showing up alongside All the News That’s Fit to Print. The New York Times has just launched a new forum on philosophy called T... [More]

Epistemology: Just the Facts?

I recently bemoaned the misuse of important philosophical concepts by the blogosphere. I came across another article that uses the term epistemic closure and the usage in this article is even more puzzling than in the first. While this article by Rod Dreher is no more about epistemology in a philoso... [More]

Hell, Fire, and (Global) Warming

I came across this op-ed piece in the New York Times today by Al Gore on global warming. While there’s little of obvious philosophical value in this article, as one who grew up in a very conservative Christian church, I’ve been struck by the similarities between the language Gore uses to articulate ... [More]

Sam Harris on Science and Morality

Metaphysical gadfly Sam Harris has stirred the pot once again by raising the issue of whether a general theory of ethics can be based solely on a scientific foundation. In an article for the Huffington Post, Harris responds to feedback he has received on a recent talk he gave at the TED conference i... [More]