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Berkeley's Three Dialogues: New Essays

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2018.06.10 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Stefan Storrie (ed.), Berkeley's Three Dialogues: New Essays, Oxford University Press, 2018, 217 pp., $50.00 ISBN 9780198755685. Reviewed by Marc A. Hight, Hampden-Sydney College George Berkeley arguably has risen in the ranks of early modern philosophers in terms of philosophical esteem. A good deal of scholarly work on the Irish philosopher has emerged since the turn of the century, taking Berkeley's thought seriously or at least seriously enough to engage carefully. Stefan Storrie's anthology dedicated to the Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous comes from papers delivered at a conference in 2014 celebrating the 300th anniversary of the work's publication in 1713. All of the papers have an analytical approach to a variety of philosophical and textual issues that arise in Berkeley's work. The editor's introductory chapter is primarily an essay in apologetics: given that A.A. Luce and T.E.... . . .

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Beyond Concepts: Unicepts, Language, and Natural Information

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2018.06.09 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Ruth Garrett Millikan, Beyond Concepts: Unicepts, Language, and Natural Information, Oxford University Press, 2017, 256 pp., $35.00, ISBN 9780198717195. Reviewed by Andrea Onofri, University of Graz In her previous work, Ruth Millikan has developed a highly influential and original account of cognition and language, applying contemporary evolutionary theory to a number of traditional philosophical problems. Her new book is based on the same methodological approach, addressing Kant's question "how is knowledge possible? . . . from a contemporary naturalist standpoint" (p. 3). Part One applies this perspective to the problem of cognition, while Part Two develops an account of information and of how cognitive systems extract such information from natural and intentional signs. This book is a great philosophical achievement. The breadth and originality of Millikan's view are remarkable. She shows how a. . .

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Thin Objects

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Øystein Linnebo’s book Thin Objects: An Abstractionist Account is out from OUP. If you’ve been following his contributions to debates on neo-Fregean philosophy of mathematics and related issues over some fifteen years, you won’t be surprised by the general line; but you will be pleased to have the strands of thought brought together in a shortish and (at least relative to the topic) accessible book. If you are new to Linnebo’s brand of neo-neo-neo-Fregeanism, this is your chance to catch up! I confess that, having read Frege at an impressionable age, I still rather want something broadly Fregean to be right. I want there to be mathematical objects OK, but for them to be “thin”, to use Linnebo’s word — which he cashes out (perhaps not entirely happily, I’d say) as “not making a substantial demand on the world”. Linnebo gets his thin objects, Frege-style — his Platonism on the cheap — by conjuring the objects into being by. . .

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