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Contextualizing Knowledge

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2018.05.10 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa, Contextualizing Knowledge, Oxford University Press, 2017, 288pp., $60.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780199682706. Reviewed by Bernhard Salow, Trinity College Cambridge Epistemic contextualism holds that "know" picks out different relations when uttered in different contexts. The "knowledge first" program maintains that phenomena such as evidence, justification, warranted assertion, or rational action should be understood in terms of knowledge. The thesis of this book is that these two ideas are compatible, even mutually supporting. Along the way to defending this thesis, Ichikawa offers new and interesting accounts of counterfactuals, evidence, justification, the epistemic norms governing action and assertion, and the nature of belief; clarifies a host of issues surrounding epistemic contextualism; and makes important contributions to the debate about epistemic internalism. Chapter 1 lays out. . .

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[Revised entry by Thomas D. Williams and Jan Olof Bengtsson on May 11, 2018. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Although it was only in the first half of the twentieth century that the term 'personalism' became known as a designation of philosophical schools and systems, personalist thought had developed throughout the nineteenth century as a reaction to perceived depersonalizing elements in Enlightenment rationalism, pantheism, Hegelian absolute idealism, individualism as well as collectivism in politics, and materialist, psychological, and evolutionary determinism. In its various strains, personalism always underscores the centrality of the person as the primary locus of investigation for...

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Marin Mersenne

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[New Entry by Philippe Hamou on May 11, 2018.] The Minim friar Marin Mersenne (1588 - 1648) played a central role in French intellectual life of the first half of the seventeenth century. At a time when scientific periodicals were still sorely lacking, he was rightly referred to as "The Secretary of Learned Europe" ("le secretaire de l'Europe savante", Haureau 1877, p. 177) thanks to his sprawling correspondence, which extended his network across the whole of learned Europe, to his role as translator, editor, disseminator of...

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Climate Science

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[New Entry by Wendy Parker on May 11, 2018.] Climate science investigates the structure and dynamics of earth's climate system. It seeks to understand how global, regional and local climates are maintained as well as the processes by which they change over time. In doing so, it employs observations and theory from a variety of domains, including meteorology, oceanography, physics, chemistry and more. These resources also inform the development of computer models of the climate system, which are a mainstay of climate research today. This entry provides an overview of...

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