Graduate School Placements in Philosophy: Continental Programs Job Type Placements

This article is an attempt at an analysis of the placement records of most leading graduate programs in Continental philosophy. I analyze trends, create rankings, and discuss the issues surrounding and importance of placement records for these programs. I also analyze placement rankings of schools that had hired graduates from either the analytic or continental traditions and how graduates from both of these types of programs fare in terms of landing a position in academic philosophy. [More]

Graduate School Philosophy Placement Records In the US/CA: Prestige Placement Rankings

In this report, we rank PhD programs in philosophy according to how well they place schools based on the prestige of their (1) Terminal MA Philosophy program placements, (2) PhD philosophy program placements, (3) US News National University placements, and (4) US News Liberal Arts placements. [More]

Graduate School in Philosophy in the US: Terminal MA Programs In Philosophy

An analysis of placements records from MA programs in philosophy in an effort to provide some insight into the assertions made by various programs. The report attempts to address questions like, which MA programs are the best at getting students into good PhD programs and how many MA students go on to study philosophy. [More]